Don’t Let Your Girlfriends Know!

Bet these cards caught your eyes my fellow degenerate brothers and sisters! I can imagine you wanting to get your hands on these juicy cards and add it to your possessions among your special “collections”. Luckily for you this Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Booster Boxes is going on sale now at our store! These lovely ladi- I mean cards are featured from several different anime from Kadokawa such as Hybrid x Heart Magias and Shinmai no Testament! Those who know these particular series are in for a treat ara ara~. This is the 30th series of their ongoing card game from none other than Weiss Schwarz. Get yours today from our store site and we will make sure to discreetly package it in a way your wives/girlfriends won’t rouse any suspicions. #WeissSchwarz #SneakerBunko30th

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